Bettina Fung 馮允珊

London based artist Bettina Fung | 馮允珊 creates two dimensional, performative and site specific works.

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Dada represents autonomy, the freedom to play, and it embodies an attitude that empowers…

Bettina Fung | 馮允珊 is a Hong Kong born, British-Chinese artist based in London. Her practice centres on the expansive and immediate nature of drawing and often performs live, sharing her process as the work unfolds over time. She creates two dimensional, performative and site specific works. Themes of ritual, futility, purposelessness, productivity and progress are subjects of interest. She has exhibited nationally in the UK and internationally and was the recipient of awards such as the a-n Artist Information Company’s New Collaborations Bursary in 2014 and Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts award in 2018.


“thistle down flight” detail

Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, thistle down flight (detail). Djuna Barnes Papers, Special Collections, University of Maryland Libraries.

Dada Connection: Little Magazines

A collaborative space, that often brought together text and images from different artists, the pages of Little Magazines promoted the work of some of modernism’s most famous artists…

In January 1922, for example, Harriet Monroe wrote in Poetry that “the Little Review […] is headed straight for Dada; but we could forgive even that if it would drop Else von Freytag-Loringhoven on the way.”[1]Jane Heap, editor of The Little Review, responded in a brief piece entitled “Dada” that “[w]e do intend to drop the baroness — right into the middle of the history of American poetry,” for the very reason that “the Baroness,” whom Heap calls “the first American dada,” represents lived art: she is “the only one living anywhere who dresses dada, loves dada, lives dada.”[2] – Tanya Clement