The Friday Party

Since the beginning of lockdown my two housemates and I have been blowing off steam by having a 3 person party in our tiny upstairs flat every Friday night. We do this to keep track of the weeks, break up the mundanity and celebrate our friendship. Each week we choose an abstract theme that allows us to do extreme make up, wear fancy clothes and dance. There has been a long list of themes such as apocalypse, planets, night wear, jewellery, etc with our makeup skills getting better every week.

Hannah Skinner introduces The Friday Party and film
Lockdown connections
As we are confined to our house we have taken it as an opportunity to explore new make-up looks and techniques that expand on anything we did before. Make up has always been an expression of my queer identity and I think me and my house mates use our Friday party’s to feel connected to the queer community that we are currently unable to take part in. Before the lockdown the only times we would get close to the looks we are serving now is when we would go dancing on the weekends. The development of club culture has long correlated with the development of queer culture as the club is where LGBTQIA people often meet and express their identity’s and ideas. Unfortunately, leaving the house dressed as your best gay self isn’t always safe. There is constant fear of homophobia, judgment and abuse which can often limit and influence the way I would dress. However, in the safety of our home where me and my queer housemates control the environment, our queer expression is blooming. I hope to take this new confidence into the world once it opens again.
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I have tried to situate my newest video within a fashion context by using tropes that fashion films use such as close up facial shots, details of clothing and centring our make-up. To make this video I reached out to a musician called Hector Bennett who composed the piece heard over the video. When discussing what I wanted from the music my references were upbeat, light and twinkly that made you feel like you were in a dreamy environment surrounded by sparkle emojis. The video consists of two contrasting looks; one pastel, sunbathed and warm, the other striking blue and gold. The blue and gold scenes are taken in a local park and nod to the DIY aspect of the Dada movement.
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